Persian iOS 10

Professional Persian localization for iOS 10 for the first time,

The task was:
  • Full localization iOS to the Persian language.

  • Add The Persian Language to Speak Selection.

  • Add The Persian Language to VoiceOver

  • Add The Persian Language to Voice Control

  • Localization Siri to the Persian language

  • Find a solution to add Persian Language to the App Store

  • Localization App Store to the Persian Language

More information:

Full application localization to the Persian language on the iOS 10. The speak selection, voice over, voice control, and Siri were converted to the Persian language in order to reach a large, global audience. Original solutions were developed to integrate the Persian language into the App Store. This exciting project allowed for the powerful localization for iOS with I10N standards for the first time in the world.

a complete professional Persian localization for an iOS 10 application, to include international copyright. Solutions were developed to localize all components of the app with the new method prior to the release of the app.