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Software localization is the process of translating the text within iOS applications and adjusting the functional elements to enable its use by an international audience.

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Who we are?

Our specialized localization iOS application influence consists of extensive experience within the Apple workforce and our ongoing commitment to quality Persian localization functioning. Our team provides localization services with a difference. We have a comprehensive understanding of technical as well as operational prerequisites and assist companies with the deployment of their localized systems.

Our expert team of software developers, UI experts and server managers with their experience from Apple and iOS localization are ready round the clock to help you solve all your problems related to localization deployment and management.

Our philosophy

We are the iOS Language Experts. Localization Application with the specific and new methods and are highly specialized with 4 years of experience.

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Successful projects
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Software applications are an important part of every device used by consumers and in business. Desktop applications, enterprise software, consumer electronics devices, and medical device systems all utilize apps. Persian users require local language versions. Specialized translations improve software application in the following ways:

Increase likelihood of purchase

Experience higher customer satisfaction

Encourage repeat purchases

Minimize support costs

Localization Process Outline

Localization and internationalization process is said to be that during those Application are expanded and changed to various human languages (UI) and are used in different countries.

Preparation of Files before Localization

Analyzing and evaluating the levels to which internalization has been conducted

UI Localization: Testing and Delivery

Functional testing of the localized product,
Linguistic testing of the localized product,
Client Review of UI

Use of the best sentences

Research terminologies and appropriate glossary

Final check

Before we release any files your resource will give them one final check to make sure everything is in order.

Translate Software Text Strings

Translation professionals localize all text with new and specific methods.

Regular Updates

We provide regular and ongoing updates

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About US

 MasihTak is the key to expanding the reach of your iOS application to a global audience. As the Co-Founder of Persian Apple, he has extensive experience with Perisan iOS localization. Reaching an audience that is eager to receive your product is essential within the global market. Having the tools to make that happen is the service provided by MasihTak. When application developers choose MasihTak’s services, they experience UI services that are far superior to conventional standards.


Your application deserves a global audience.

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Please Note: We are only worked for iOS Applications.

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